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Below is an unbiased look at what to look for in your wedding photographer.  Lisa ann photography would love to photograph you and your partner on such a special occasion, but its more important to me that YOU are happy with YOUR photographer.  Choosing a photographer can be tricky, there are many out there, all promising to be the best.  Personally, I don't think there's such thing as the best, there are different styles, some will suit you and some won't - and there are also some who aren't as good as they claim to be, and won't follow through on promises made. 
Have a look below for some good advice of what to look out for.  Enjoy, and any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Do your research ask around! Have any friends or family been to a wedding recently? Would they recommend that photographer? Have a look at some websites. While model-esque bride and grooms leaping into the air and posing may be something you like the look of on a cleverly put together website- is this something you want for your day? Ideally you would want a good mix of traditional group shots (bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family) and reportage photos. You want a photographer to CAPTURE the day, not take over it! While I have gone above and beyond the role of photographer by driving the bride and groom to the reception after their vintage Rolls Royce broke down, driven brides home after hair appointments have run late and done many a bride and bridesmaid dress up when the nerves have got the better of bridesmaids, ideally you just want a photographer to capture those memories as the day unfolds in a friendly and relaxed manner.

Meet your photographer!! So, so important. If you do not get a good vibe from your photographer or do not like them, they will not be able to capture you at your best. They will be able to sense your dislike and your lack of confidence in them and your photos will reflect that. Look through previous work, ask questions, can you chat easily with them? Are they excited about weddings? Do they make you laugh and do you feel relaxed and happy with them?
Prices! Know your budget and do allow enough to go on photography, it is easy to overlook photography, especially now almost everybody has a camera and can easily snap away during the day, but it is important that your look at lots of quotes and work out just how much you feel happy with spending. Photography is the only lasting reminder of your day, hopefully something you will want to keep looking at, flicking through your album to remind you of your perfect day and showing off to friends and family. Don't think that the more you pay, the better service you will get. You may be getting a lot of added extras but you may not necessarily want them.

Shot list. So you don't spend all day with a cheesy grin plastered over your face, waiting for guests to assemble around you in neat rows all looking just so, I try to minimise my shot list to bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, siblings, children and whole family group (where possible). This tends to be just what the bride and groom are after, it is possible to get the groups done quickly so there is more time for you to socialise with guests. However, on occasion, I have had couples say "Where's the photo of Auntie Marjory?" If it is important to you to have lots and lots of individual traditional group photos, let your photographer know! If you would like them to work from a guest list, let your photographer know! Especially when guests may have travelled a long way to get to your day and it may well be important to you and them to have a posed photo together, but do bear in mind it can take a LONG TIME and guests can get impatient to get enjoying the party!
What would you like from your photos? Is an album important? Is a storybook what you long for? Or would you simply like your photos on a CD for you to print when you would like? More and more couples are going for the CD only route which I do find a little sad (from a photographer point of view) as I just don't feel that its the same as holding the prints in your hand, or taking an album to show friends and family. I offer a CD with every wedding but I do also like to show you a storybook mock-up so you can see the way in which your photos can be presented, please see my wedding pricelist, there is absolutely no obligation to buy this!!! 

Picture Perfect If a photographer offers a free engagement photoshoot- take them up on this offer!! It will enable you to see how the photographer works, how they give instructions and how comfortable you feel with them. It really helps to relax on the day as you will already have experience in being photographed, and can work on poses that work for you and things that don't- it offers a more informal meeting for both you and the photographer and will help them to get to know you and the things you like and dislike.