Project Identification


Glenda S. Barahona

Course &

LIS 698 Seminar and Practicum, Fall 2010

Dr. Tula Giannini, Dean Pratt-SILS

Site Supervisor & Location
Deborath Wythe, Head of Digital Collections and Services
Brooklyn Museum

Project Title
Digital Labs @ the Brooklyn Museum

Project Abstract

After museum digitization projects are drafted, approved and funded, exactly how do they come to fruition? As an M-LEAD intern at the Brooklyn Museum's Digital Labs, I learned a great deal about how digitization happens: the creation of efficient work flow processes, time management, metadata, use of digital imaging software, and the establishment of digitization standards. At the Digital Labs, I worked with transparencies, film and glass negatives, objects that are fragile in nature, converting them to digital materials that can then be made accessible to a much wider audience, while ensuring the preservation of the original objects. My internship experience increased my awareness of the fragmentation in digitization approaches and results, and the need for a cohesive system that plans not just for short-term accessibility, but also long term interoperability. 

All Images Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum