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The Library and Information Research Group currently offer 3 awards:
  • LIRG student award – runs annually and offers a prize for the best dissertation.
  • LIRG research award – runs biennially and offers a prize to undertake a research project.
  • LIRG scan – runs on an irregular basis and provides funding for a “scan” or literature review of a hot topic in the LIS sector.

LIRG student award

The Library and Information Research Group invites nominations for this year's LIRG student award. The award is typically given in recognition of an outstanding research-based Postgraduate dissertation or a final year Undergraduate project. Each type will be given appropriate consideration. Every Department of Library and Information Studies is encouraged to nominate one of their students' projects. For submissions to be eligible, the dissertation or project should have been submitted between August 2014 and July 2015. The closing date is 18 December 2015. Please see our Student Award page for details.

2014 winner: Jessica Elmore, University of Sheffield

2013 winner: Mary Davies, University of Ulster.

2012 winner: Timothy Lowe, Northumbria University.

2011 winner:
Thomas Muggleton, Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Strathclyde University.

LIRG research award

The LIRG research award is intended to encourage research and innovation in library and information science. Particular attention will be paid to proposals intended to improve the accessibility, retrievability and usefulness of information.

The research award is held biannually and LIRG last ran the research award in 2014 although the closing date was extended until 31 January 2015. A workshop was held on 12 September 2014 to provide guidance on writing research proposals and publications. The workshop was jointly run with the Information Literacy Group (ILG).

LIRG research award winners:

Congratulations to the winner of the 2014-15 research award - Penny Andrews who is an independent researcher as well as working at Leeds Beckett University.  Her proposal is on understanding the experience of users with hidden disabilities in academic libraries.

The proposal was selected because it was the highest scoring proposal which most closely aligned with the aim of the award which is to encourage research and innovation in library and information science and in particular to improving the accessibility, retrievability and usefulness of information.

2011: Hannah Rose and Gillian Siddall, both academic librarians at the University of Northampton.

LIRG scan award

The LIRG scan is not intended to be an annual award, but rather a special means to address an urgent current issue in library and information science, by acting as a summary of relevant research. It is not intended to generate new research, but rather to collect, analyse and present existing research in a report for application by practitioners. This research will then be used to inform LIRG and CILIP policy.

The Scan is an award which responds to an "urgent" question, in 2012/13, the question was "What do LIS practitioners want from research?"

The paper from the 2012/13 scan award was published in the December 2013 edition of LIR. It provides an excellent summary of “What do LIS practitioners want from research” and the full paper will be published on LIRG website later in the year.

LIRG scan winners:

2012/13: Helen Buckley Woods and Andrew Booth, Information Resources at Scharr, University of Sheffield. The paper summarising this research was published in the December 2013 issue of Library and Information Research journal.

There are currently no plans to run the scan award in 2014/5.