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LIRG was formed in 1977 to bring together those interested in bringing library and information research into practice. We became a Special Interest Group of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) in April 2003 and as such have to abide by the CILIP General Regulations Appendix F Part 2 - Special Interest Group Rules. This includes the Memorandum of Understanding which is an agreement that sets out the key responsibilities of a Special Interest Group and CILIP staff. Each year, Special Interest Groups agree to these responsibilities as part of the annual business plan process.  The general rules were created in December 2003 and were revised in September 2010 then revised and adopted 18th February 2015. 

LIRG Mission

LIRG will support and raise the profile of library and information science research and its use by CILIP LIRG members and the wider community. It will provide relevant and high quality activities and publications for practitioners and researchers which will encourage 'research into practice' and involve wider stakeholders.

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