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Fairchild-Republic Aviation: The Jet Age

Flight Safety Inc. ran  Republic Airport as a general aviation airport beginning on December 7, 1966 for the Mailman brothers' Farmingdale Corporation, which had purchased the field from Fairchild Hiller  in 1965. Republic Airport was acquired by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) on March 31, 1969 after Suffolk County and the Town of Babylon declined to assume ownership. The MTA installed an instrument landing system (ILS) on runway 14-32, built the Republic Airport Terminal building,cooperated with the Federal Aviation Administration, which built the new 100' high control tower, convinced the US Government to transfer 94 acres to the airport in 1971 and purchased the 77-acre Lambert property on the north side of Route 109 and the Breslau Gardens property between New Highway and Route 109 in 1972. Fairchild Republic constructed major sub-assemblies for 720 A-10 "Warthog" Close Air Support aircraft in Farmingdale, although final assembly and flight testing was done at Hagerstown, Maryland. The A-10 was invaluable in action in Desert Storm in the early 1990's and in the Iraq War after 2003. After complaints that the MTA was not contributing taxes to local governments and questions about  MTA deficits at Republic, ownership of the airport was transferred to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) by the New York State Legislature in April 1983, to promote economic development in the surrounding Long Island region. The Republic Airport Commission was created by the New York State Legislature in 1982 {Chap. 370, L.1982) "as an advisory council to the Commissioner of Transportation in the administration and management of the Republic Airport facilities and its surrounding areas with respect to projects to be undertaken at such airport." Fairchild went out of business in 1987 after losing the T-46A trainer project, and within a few years its historic Fairchild-Republic factory complex was sold and developed as the Airport Plaza shopping mall.

Aerial view of Republic Airport ca. 1960s. Note there is no aviation development at the south (Lambert) end of the field. Republic Aviation's third runway  (Northeast-southwest) is clearly visible.

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Companies At The Airport:

Fairchild-Hiller Corporation

Republic aviation was purchased by Fairchild..........Under Construction...

  • Years Active 1965-1972.
  • Aircraft Constructed: F-105.....Under Construction..

Fairchild Republic Corporation

.....Under Construction...

  • Years Active 1972-1987
  • Aircraft Constructed: A-10; T-46.....Under Construction..
  • Subcontract Work: F-4 Aft Fuselage; Space Shuttle Vertical Fin, B-747 Control Surfaces and Flaps; SST Design