LIRAHS 1946-1965

Fairchild-Republic Aviation: The Post War Years

After World War II ended and P-47 production was terminated, Republic Aviation converted C-54 transports into airliners, built 1,059 Seabee civilian amphibious aircraft and built XR-12 photo reconnaisance aircraft after the attempt to build Republic Rainbow airliners failed. Republic helped pioneer the Jet Age by building the straight-wing F-84 Thunderjet designed by Alexander Kartveli starting in the late 1940's and developed  the swept-wing F-84-F Thunderstreak in the early 1950's. The Thunderjets saw extensive action during the Korean War and the Thunderstreaks were used by NATO nations during the Cold War in the 1950's . Republic extended runway 14-32 substantially to the southeast over the objections of Long Island State Parks Commissioner Robert Moses to meet the operational needs of the more powerful F-84-F Thunderstreaks. Republic Aviation produced 833 F-105 Thunderchiefs-also designed by Alexander Kartveli- in Farmingdale between 1955 and 1964. The Republic F-105 was used extensively in the Vietman War by the Air Force as a tactical bomber.  Republic Aviation was acquired by the Fairchild-Hiller 1965 after the Defense Department terminated the F-105 program and it appeared that Republic was going out of business. Fairchild returned to Farmingdale after a 24-year absence. Flight Safety Inc. ran  Republic Airport as a general aviation airport beginning on December 7, 1966 for the Mailman brothers' Farmingdale Corporation, which had purchased the field from Fairchild Hiller  in 1965. 


Aerial view of Republic Airport ca. 1950s.

Timeline Of Events At Republic Airport 1946-1965

Companies At The Airport:

 Republic Aviation Corporation

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