LIRAHS 1916-1928

Early History Of The Airport: The Foundation Years

Republic Airport was developed by Sherman Fairchild as the Fairchild Flying Field in East Farmingdale in late 1927 as his airplane and airplane engine factories and 10-acre flying field on Motor Avenue in South Farmingdale were inadequate to support the mass assembly line production he desired for his FC-2, Model 21, Model 41 and Model 71 airplanes. Fairchild's Faircam Realty, Inc. purchased property on the south side of Route 24-Conklin Street and had the Fairchild Flying Field's original layout plan prepared on November 3, 1927. Airplane manufacturing in Farmingdale originated with Lawrence Sperry in the village of Farmingdale in 1917 and continued in South Farmingdale from 1921 until his tragic death in December 1923. Sperry built  Land and Sea Triplane Amphibians, R-3 racers and Sperry Messengers in Farmingdale in these years. Sherman Fairchild built his famous folding wing, enclosed cabin, FC-2's in South Farmingdale before moving his operations to his  modern state-of-the -art Fairchild Aviation Center in East Farmingdale in early 1928. Sydney Breese built 250 non-flying "Penguin" trainers in his factory on Eastern Parkway for the US Army in 1918, although the Army never actually used the stubby "Penguins."


Late 1920's aerial photograph of the Fairchild Aviation Center in East Farmingdale . Fairchild Flying Field, upper center, Fairchild Airplane factory, center right, and the Fairchild Engine factory, lower right. The hangar at the left (1928) currently houses Nassau Flyers, Inc. flight school .

Timeline Of Events At The Airport (1916-1928)

Companies At The Airport:

Fulton Truck Company 

The Fulton Truck Company was the earliest manufacturer at the airport......Under Construction...

  • Years Active: 1916-1925
  • Trucks Constructed.....Under Construction...
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 Sperry Aircraft

Although technically not located at the airport, Sperry was situated in the village of Farmingdale and later in South Farmingdale...

  • Years Active: 1917-1923
  • Aircraft Constructed: Land and Sea Triplane Amphibians, R-3 racers and Sperry Messengers
  • Photo Gallery 

 Breese Aircraft

Also technically not located at the airport, Breese was located on Eastern Parkway in Farmingdale...

  • Years Active: 1918
  • Aircraft Constructed: Penguin Trainer
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Fairchild Aircraft

Sherman Fairchild chose the new location for his company after surveying the site by air.....Under Construction...

  • Years Active: 1925 -1931
  • Aircraft Constructed: FC-2, Model 21, Model 41 and Model 71...Under Construction...
  • Photo Gallery

Fairchild Engines

Sherman Fairchild started his engine company.....Under Construction...