Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society 

The Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society (LIRAHS) was formed by the Republic Airport Commission, under the leadership of Commissioner Charlotte Geyer, and the New York State Department of Transportation in 1984 to preserve and disseminate the rich aviation history of Republic Airport  in East Farmingdale, N.Y. The society seeks to honor the numerous  individuals, who have contributed so much to  airplane manufacturing and aviation at the airport since 1927. The Society has been chartered by the New York State Education Department since 1987. Members meet the third Saturday of the month at 10 a.m.  on the first floor of the Republic Airport Terminal Building  next to the Republic Airport Control Tower and the 56th Fighter Group Restaurant. All are welcome. Officers: Leroy E. Douglas, president; Ken Neubeck  vice-president; Robert Hammerquist, secretary; Charlie Bowman, treasurer. Trustees:  Mike Morra, John Musolino, Terry Alleg, Stella Barbera, Maurice Black, Robert Gordon, Lynn Mc Donald, Frank Nocerino, Josephine Rachiele

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Republic Aviation Complex showing the Breslau Gardens residential area (between the runways) ca. 1970s. Note New Highway looped around the southern end of runway 14-32. 14-32 was extended after the Korean War to facilitate the testing and delivery of the powerful swept-wing  Republic F-84-F Thunderstreak fighter bomber. New Highway had been a straight road before the mid-1950's and used as an entrance and exit for Republic employees from Suffolk's south shore.The southeastern end of runway 14-32 was built on property purchased by the US Government from the St. Charles Cemetery of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. Runway 1-19 had been extended by the US Government to Route 109 during World War II.