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Liquor Flasks | Drinking Flasks / Hip Flasks. Handcrafted quality copper and gold liquor flasks. No other liquor flasks are as well made, and none have the history to back them up. Each handmade flask is the perfect example of attention to historical detail and craftsmanship, and is ideal for your favorite barrel-aged American whiskey.

Great American Flask


"Fill it, take it golfing, take it camping, use it to take the edge of a cold day on a city break, but whatever you do with it – give it a story it deserves and then give it to your boy to continue its next chapter." — Man Got Style

As American as bourbon whiskey, this is the end all be all for quality flasks. The Great American Flask by Jacob Bromwell® is our original, best-selling flask, and sometimes all you want is the classic original. In 1964, Congress recognized bourbon whiskey as a "distinctive product of the United States", making our Great American Flask the perfect luxury vessel for it. True to the 1819 original, our elegant flask is as old as bourbon itself and is historically-correct right down to the American Birch stopper. Each flask is 100% hand built out of pure, solid copper by American workers at our Vermont workshop, just like the massive copper pots used by distillers for purifying liquids. Tuck it inside a blazer, jacket pocket, in the top of a boot, or inside a clutch for ballgames, barbeques, and cocktail parties. Now who’s thirsty?

The Vermonter Flask


"How about a handmade copper flask to carry your high quality bourbon? It’s beautiful and you won’t have any of that weird metallic taste you get from stainless steel." — Refined Guy

Great things come from the "Green State" known as Vermont...maple syrup, cheese, and our famous copper screw-top drinking vessel known as The Vermonter Flask! Similar in size and shape to our best-selling Great American Flask, this unique flask features one major difference: a machined screw-top that guarantees a 100% leak proof flask wherever and whenever you use it. This unique flask has been specially designed to accommodate the needs of those who use and rely on their flasks on a regular basis. And it’s appropriately named after the state in which it’s made: Vermont. For a taste of history, straight from America, it would be hard to find a more fitting flask. Cheers!

The Alamo Round Flask


"With Jacob Bromwell®, you might pay a little more than for your normal, run-of-the-mill products that happen to be on the shelves of almost any retail chain, but the quality built into Jacob Bromwell® products is well worth the extra cost." — World Net Daily

This is it - the original round copper flask from the folks at Jacob Bromwell®. Expertly crafted by hand in Vermont, our round flask is made entirely of polished copper. With a 6 oz. liquid capacity and a removable screw top closure, copper flask guarantees an air tight seal for your fine spirit of choice. Supplied in an optional wooden gift box, this flask makes an excellent gift perfect for groomsmen. The design allows for discrete storage in a sport coat or jacket pocket. Enjoy with good company.
Green Mountain Flask


"Southern men love their whiskey, and this handmade copper flask adds major swagger to swiggin'." — Southern Living Magazine

Named after the famous Green Mountains in Vermont, we invite you to enjoy the distinctive flavor of your favorite beverage with our bigger and bolder Green Mountain Flask. Unlike our Great American Flask, this flask features a detachable copper chain and holds 13 ounces of your finest barrel-aged American whiskey or other similar beverage. A wonderful addition to your collection, our Green Mountain Flask is 100% hand built out of pure, solid copper by red-blooded American workers, just like the massive copper pots used by distillers for purifying liquids. Packaged in an exclusive black velvet bag, this special flask is one family heirloom that promises to only get better with age.

The Liberty Flask


"Need a beverage (possibly inebriating) on the go? Grab this Copper Flask handcrafted by the fine coppersmiths at Jacob Bromwell®." — So That's Cool

They say a flask is meant to keep liquor discreet, but this is one distinguished vessel. The folks at Jacob Bromwell® have been making copper flasks and other epic drinking vessels for nearly 200 years. But The Liberty Flask takes our work to a whole new level. Large, bold, and a true piece of American art, these flasks are 100% hand hammered to perfection by skilled Jacob Bromwell® artisans and very limited in production. Each flask features a machined copper screw top, which guarantees a 100% leak-free flask every time you use it. This hand hammered flask is one family heirloom that promises to only get better with age.

Doc Holliday Edition Flask


"Stainless steel is for water bottles. Single malt deserves something more." — Men's Journal

Let’s hear it for old-timey cowboys. The six-shooters. The shaving with buck knives. The handmade copper flasks with vintage wooden stoppers made specifically for housing barrel-aged American whiskey. After sorting through hundreds of photos and videos of the Old West, we built and named this flask in honor of that time period. This flask is a spin off of our popular Great American Flask, and features a detachable copper chain and hand-dyed leather carrying case with integrated belt clip. Available as a limited run, an heirloom like this only gets better with age.

Ethan Allen Edition Flask


"This is a flask for the finest aged whiskeys, for life-changing adventures into the unknown, and not for your local ballgame and some off-brand swill." — Every Guyed

They say a flask is made to keep liquor discreet, but this is one distinguished vessel. It's the kind of flask you would want to show off rather than tuck away. Named after Ethan Allen, best known as one of the founders of Vermont and for the capture of Fort Ticonderoga early in the American Revolutionary War, we are proud to introduce our special edition Ethan Allen Edition Flask. Available as a limited run, this handmade copper flask has many unique features: a detachable copper chain, a hand-dyed and oiled tan leather case and strap, hand stitched with contrasting white stitching, and two Old West Shot Glasses. This fittingly rugged yet refined drinking accessory is perfect for any outdoor occasion. The only thing that's missing is your favorite barrel-aged American whiskey.

Gold Edition Flask


"A perfect flask for Dad. Or you." — Urban Daddy

Our Gold Edition Flask is officially reserved for your finest liquors and spirits. Completely built by hand in small batches, this flask is an ideal memento to symbolize the most remarkable moments in your life. You'll get to enjoy the distinctive flavor of your favorite beverage in style. And this gold plated flask not only serves as a functional beverage container, but it will make a lasting impression on those around you. Like all of our products, it is entirely made by American workers and guaranteed for life. So join the Jacob Bromwell® tradition, and drink away in style. Cheers!