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all text below here is historically correct, but very outdated now.



Here is the overview video:   liqbase overview on youtube

*holding breath* (25 june 2008)

I'm uploading a new playtest.

please discuss here:


You need a folder called /home/user/MyDocs/_apg to store sketches into.

extract all into a folder and run ./liqbase 

cpufreq functions require root permissions

you need write rights to /home/user/MyDocs/_apg


 extra info:

a new sketch is saved every time you close the "do some drawing" screen.
There is no edit yet.
Various export file formats will come with time, its all vector based.
Sketches can be given a textual identifier (using the real hardware keyboard whilst creating)
Sketches with idents are visible in the physics section (otherwise its blank)
graffiti wall zooms with hardware zoom buttons.
game is not a game, its the basis for the proper art editing side of graffiti (try naming a sketch "Close" or "New" to see tiny minor difference.

more eggs as i remember (and/or) compile them back in.