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LipoQuality International Workshop on Lipidomics

Satellite event of the 60th ICBL
Co-organization of DDBJ and

Date: 2019/6/22 (Sat)
・Participation is free.
・In order to receive a free box lunch, please register from this Google form.
・If you want to participate in the short talk session, please indicate so in the registration process.
Venue and Inquiries: RIKEN Yokohama Campus, Koryu Hall
・Accessmap by RIKEN EN  JP,  Google Map 
・If you need help, please ask

 9:00-9:30  Registration

 9:30-11:00  Session 1: Short talks by travel grant awardee
 1  Mitochondrial membrane lipids and respiratory efficiency
 Katsuhiko Funai, University of Utah
 2  Muscle energy metabolism - role of very long chain elongase 3 (ELOVL3)
 Viktor Navrulin, 
Polish Academy of Sciences
 3  An essential role for the conserved ORP/Osh lipid transfer proteins in PM organization
 Taki Nishimura, University College London
 4  Human group IIA secreted phospholipase A2 controls parasite development during  malaria   infection
Mélanie Dacheux, University of Tennessee
 5  LPA3 agonist as a potential treatment for anemia
 Kuan-Hung Lin, National Taiwan University
 6  Lipid-derived loss of pancreatic α- and β-cell identity in type 2 diabetes
 Aneta Maria Dobosz
, Polish Academy of Sciences
 7  Metabolomic dissection of host-gut microbiota-diet complex
 Sungwhan F. Oh, 
Harvard Medical School
 8  Identification of key lipids for platelet activation
 Bing Peng, Leibniz-Institut fur Analytische Wissenschaften-ISAS-e.V.
 9  High-resolution mass spectrometry reveals a novel function of sphingosine kinase 2  in the   metabolism of sphingadiene lipids
 Timothy Couttas, The University of Sydney
 10  The sphingolipidome of tissues isolated from Ceramide synthase 2 null mice
 Sneha Muralidharan, National University of Singapore
 11  Changes of tear lipid mediators in a post-trabeculectomy cohort
 Yohannes Abere Ambaw, National University of Singapore
 12  Plasma lipidomics in pregnancy and early postpartum life
 Sartaj Ahmad Mir, National University of Singapore

 11:00-12:00  Session 2: Lipidomics at SLING and LipoQuality
 [Invited Talk] 
 The Singapore Lipidomics Incubator:  a model for engagement and translation towards clinical   assays
 Anne K Bendt (1), Tze Ping Loh (2) and Markus R Wenk (1,3)
     (1) Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING)
           at the Life Sciences Institute, National University of Singapore
     (2) Department of Laboratory Medicine, National University Hospital, Singapore
     (3) Department of Biochemistry, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

   At the Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING), anchored at the National University of Singapore, we created a model for engagement of key stakeholders to drive the translation of R&D into assays for  clinical use and value capture. Our team comprises of four core competencies: top-notch lipidomics R&D, data integration, clinical trial capabilities and last but not least laboratory medicine as the end user. Capitalizing primarily on LC-MS/MS, we develop robust assays to quantitate lipids and other small molecules from biological specimen such as human plasma. Importantly, the selection of target molecules is needs-driven: by close interaction with clinicians we move from a mere technical ‘push’ towards a clinician’s ‘pull’, i.e. identifying current gaps in the clinical pathway and developing appropriate methods to address unmet diagnostic needs, with a clear application in mind. Secondly, the harmonization and standardization of the developed technologies are of crucial importance to enable comparability and traceability of derived data across time and space. Ongoing international efforts towards the development of standardized analytical protocols will be discussed.
 11:30-11:45  Multi-analytical platforms for grasping lipid metabolism comprehensively
 Kazutaka Ikeda, RIKEN IMS and Kazusa DNA Research Institute
 11:45-12:00  Illuminating profiles of 110 lipid classes using in silico retention time,  collision cross section,   and tandem mass spectral libraries
 Hiroshi Tsugawa, RIKEN IMS and CSRS

 12:00-13:00  Lunch discussion
 Box lunch is provided by organizers, please see above.
 We separate in small   groups and plan possible international collaboration.
 13:00-14:00  RIKEN Laboratory tour
 14:00-15:00  Short presentation by lunch groups
 15:00  Closing