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Preface (日本語はこちら)

“LipoQuality” is a word coinage from “lipid” and “quality”.  Different types of lipid molecules facilitate various bio-reactions and regulations, but their functional details or exact structures remain unknown.  Lipids are hard to analyze, partly because they are insoluble to water and partly because they are not genome-coded; vast majority of their functions have been, until now, beyond our technological reach.   Nowadays, advances in mass spectrometry are remarkable: more than 100,000 lipids are becoming identifiable.  This is the very motive of our research project, which aims to identify various classes of lipids comprehensively and to delineate their functional details by the state-of-the-art mass spectrometers.

The main biological function of lipids includes formation of cell membranes, storing energy, and regulation of cellular signalling.  The "LipoQuality" project focuses on the elucidation of the meaning / merit of lipid diversity in biological systems, and their dynamics when the composition is altered.  The research includes the interaction of lipids with their targets, their identification, and mechanisms.  The project also funds researchers from lipid- and related fields, especially young scientists, to realize synergistic effects through their unique and challenging viewpoints.  

Welcome to the lipid world.

 Area Title: Quality of Lipids in Biological Systems
 Short Title: LipoQuality
 Project Leader:  Makoto Arita (Team Leader, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences)