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Top Pre-Spawn Baits for Largemouth

posted Jan 16, 2011, 12:04 PM by xyz 123
Pre-spawn bass can be very difficult to catch. Once the water temperature starts to warm up the bass will be getting more active. As the water approaches 65 degrees the bass are preparing to spawn. Now that the fish will be getting more active it is time to think about what baits you are going to want to throw out there. Here is a list of the top pre-spawn bass baits.
Plastic Worm
-Although this is the simplest bait and most generic bass lure out there, it is still able to reel in its fair share of bass. Bass will be feeding on worms more towards the spawn when they move into shallower areas where worms will be in the vegetation and along the muddy bottoms. Dark colored worms fished slowly on the bottom is a great way to get after these pre-spawn bass
Soft Plastic Minnow
-The soft plastic minnow is a great bait to use because its diving and floating action gives it the action of a dying baitfish, but also remains weedless.  This lets the soft plastic minnow go through vegetation and rocks that will surely get any crankbait snagged up. Fishing this lure along drop offs below spawning areas is a great tactic.
Medium Diving Crankbaits
-These crankbaits will be most effective during this time because the bass will not be holding deeper in the lakes or ponds. The bass will be in roughly 5-10 feet of water looking to fatten up for the spawn. A medium diving crankbait that looks similar to your lakes baitfish will be sure to get some hits.
Soft Plastic Crawdad
-The crawdad is most effective during the pre-spawn and spawn. The nickname "nest robber" only hints to the angler that these crawdads like to raid the nesting beds of fish. As the bass move into areas to spawn, so will the crayfish. Throwing the soft plastic crawdad will be a great lure to fish slowly across the bottom as the bass are migrating from their wintering holes.  Darker colors seem to work best this time of year and working them over rocks and muddy or sandy bottoms will be hard for a bass to lay off of, and the best part is that it is weedless!
Crawdad Crankbait
- FIshing this crank is just as effective as soft plastic for the same reasons, but the crankbait is more effective when fishing deeper areas where the fish will be suspended and you will want to cover a larger amount of water. Being able to fish larger areas of water will allow you to show your bait to more hungry fish, thus increasing your chances for a strike.
-The spinnerbait is a favorite of many bass fishermen.  This is a very effective bait when slow rolled through sunny areas and along drop offs.  Also, the skirts of the spinnerbaits can be switched to resemble the baitfish of your lake or to match the color of crayfish. Red and brown skirts seem to get a large amount of hits during this time because of the heavy crayfish diet of bass at this time of the year. Also, a tip for fishing this bait at this time of year is to put a trailer hook attached to the hook of the spinner bait. In the early pre-spawn, bass will be very tentative to hit a bait. The trailer hook will allow for more hook sets with even the most gentle striking bass.
Good Luck!