Lior Weissbrod
Research Fellow
Laboratory of Archaeozoology
University of Haifa

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I am currently a research fellow at the Laboratory of Archaeozoology, Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa. My research involves analysis of microvertebrate remains from a wide range of prehistoric and historic sites in Israel and the Caucasus (Armenia and Georgia) region dealing with paleoecology and human-ecosystem interactions. 

I completed my PhD in June 2010 at the Department of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis. My dissertation research focused on the ecology of seasonal settlements among Maasai herders in southern Kenya. The study looked at the relationship between different levels of mobility and small mammalian community structure of the settlements to establish archaeologically useful bio-indicators for ancient patterns of mobility. 

Previously, I received an MA in Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of Haifa where I specialized in microvertebrate taphonomy.