Todo Xnor - organize your tasks

Todo Xnor is a simple yet smart way to organize your daily tasks.

Main Window 

The main window will allow you to manage your tasks 

  • View all your tasks, title, topic and priority (color).
  • Create new tasks.
  • Edit existing tasks.
  • Move tasks to Done tab.



New Task

Buid a new task an fill in all the details

  • Build new task.
  • Edit existing tasks.
  • Choose the importance level.
  • Schedule a reminder .




Task Reminder

 Notify the user on schedule tasks

  • Pop up at the scheduled time.
  • Alert you with a selected sound. 
  • Allow you to Snooze the notification to other time.
  • Or mark the task as done.


Application options

  • Save / Load backup of you tasks.
  • Change the notification sound.