Welcome Mighty Lions!

Welcome Mighty Lions

The LHS mission is to inspire and empower students within a disciplined, academic environment to become ethical, well-rounded contributors to society. 

LHS Summer Reading in preparation for the 2018-19 school year.

Summer Reading is a great way to increase a student's academic performance.   

Students in Honors, AP, or Gifted classes are required to read certain books.  They may also exercise choice for extra reading and extra credit. Please locate your grade and level of English that you are taking during the 2018-2019 school year in the sidebar to the left for your required reading instructions. 

Lafayette High School English Department's rationale and expectations for summer reading:

   Lafayette High School views the development of life-long habits of reading as the centerpiece of an educated person and encourages each

student to read widely throughout the year.  Summer reading and other intellectual activities serve to stimulate, to enrich, and to reinforce academic skills

during the long summer hiatus from formal schooling.

    Appropriate reading, of course, also provides the best long-range preparation for the verbal college test which students face in their junior and senior years. We are asking PARENTS to please encourage summer reading for all children.  Academically challenging books and literary classics hold significant promise for students to succeed in standardized testing and in college work. 

   For students who are college bound:  The English department at LHS has made available reading lists which colleges across the country have suggested for high school students.  We have also provided many literary websites where much information and explanation can be found on many of the books suggested as well as great works of literature.  Each grade level has specified particular books to be read during the summer. 

    For students enrolled in Honors, Advanced Placement, or Gifted classes: Each grade level has specified particular books to be read during the summer (see the drop down menu above).  After discussing and answering questions during the first weeks of school, the students will prepare for minimal assessment that will show particular reading comprehension skills.   These assessments will show the teacher where to begin for practice on those reading skills that are emphasized on LEAP, GEE, ACT, and SAT. We implore the parents to help us challenge and encourage our students to excel in all of their subjects via enhanced reading skills. 

    LPSS - The goal of summer reading in Lafayette Parish School System will be to promote and inspire an enjoyment of reading. Research indicates that frequent and sustained reading throughout the summer maintains and promotes literary skills. Research has shown that children in every income group who read six or more books during the summer months gain more in reading achievement that children who did not.

Summer Reading Resources:

Need help and support as you read?? Many online research options including Gale Group database and the Literature Research Center are offered through the Laf. Parish School System and the Lafayette High Library through the destiny website.

Click here for the Online Research Engine provided by LPSS.

Our Library’s username is lafa11287, and if you need a password, it’s "Louisiana"

eBooks are Available for Summer Reading!

1. Visit our LHS library’s website.

a.     Destiny.lpssonline.com

i.      choose “Lafayette High School” from the list of schools)

2.     Click on the “Catalog” button

3.      Create your account.

a.     You will need you last name and your student number which you can find on your report card. It is also the number you use to log into Google drive.

4.     Click on Follett Shelf to find our ebooks.

5.      Check out the ebook.

For parents with kids who have difficulty with reading - go to http://www.ldonline.org/article/15569 for helpful advice.