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District 4-A3, 4 Regions, 8 Zones, 35 Clubs

  George Stewart, PCC (Lynn)
  Arroyo Grande Lions
  Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
  (H) 805-489-6541 (F) 489-6662
  Jose Nichols (Lion Juanita)
  Santa Maria Sunrisers Lions
  Santa Maria, CA 93455
  (H) 805-349-8910
  Randy Burg
  Ojai Valley Lions
  Oak View, CA 93022
  (H) 805-649-3514 (B) 649-1225
  (C) 312-0159 (E)
Region N - Ventura County
  Barbara Penney
  Simi Valley/Moorpark Lions
  Moorpark, CA 93021
  (H) 805-532-9965 -- (C) 951-294-0255