2 - Getting Help (Page 3)

  • However you were referred to us, please, be prepared to provide some personal information
    • Your name, your local phone, your local address, (and, if you have or are an advocate, his/her contact information),
    • Help requests submitted by an advocate/HELPER requires contact information so we can contact the HELPER.
    • Describe the history of what you have done to resolve this need before coming to us,
    • What, if any, insurance do you have, what is your income, your relative need,
    • Can you provide a state or county Access Coverage Entitlement (ACE) or equivalent documentation of need (generally required for major expense help)? 
    • What is your recent employment history?
    • Identify any prescribing doctor who you will allow to provide us insight into your needs
      • Advise care provider you wish to release information to Lions Sight and Hearing representatives.
    • If you have an existing estimate, be prepared to deliver hard or electronic copy of your estimate.  
    • Communication limited (speech or hearing) clients may wish to contact us through Tri-County GLAD.
    • Conservative requests are most likely to succeed.
  • You may provide your request for consideration by any of the following options:
    • Download the below Excel sheet (BEST) and provide it to one of our 38 clubs
    • Our prior electronic submission form has not worked, you must find a club to assist you and your needs.
    • Fetch / Download, fill and email or mail the form to a Lions Club near your home.
    • DO NOT EXECUTE / SUBMIT the below Subpage '7 - App Form ...',  copy, fill and email to a Club 
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