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Lions Sight and Hearing Help also known as
Some updates for 2018-19 -- Need your Help

Lions Club, Client or Advocate: Please, read all three pages [PAGE 1]
  • -------- Providers Include --------
  • California Lions Friends in Sight periodically across the state provide exams and recycled glasses.
  • SEE International of Santa Barbara, serves Santa Barbara County and International locations, may add others if funded.
    • Mr. Perez presented at District 4-A3 Meeting 2013 AUG 9th. 
  • Tri-County GLAD, a subsidiary of the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc., for needs of deaf/hard of hearing: 
    • Serves Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.
    • Located at: 702 County Square Dr., Suite 101, Ventura, CA 93003
    • Contact:  TTY: 805-644-6323,  VP: 805-256-1053.  Voice: 805-644-6322.  Fax: 805-644-6324.  Email:
  • Various Lions club and other founded IRS 501(C)3 exist in your neighborhood, Santa Barbara, ...
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  • Help providers differ with level of needs (Surgery, Hearing, Glasses, ...)
  • Providing help is regionalPlease, now go to Page 2:  "Regional Help" ==>
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  • Once you understand the regional issue,
  • We can only offer help when we find a sponsoring Lions Club, your location is required.
  • If you need assistance which you have no other means to cover,
  • NOW then, PLEASE, VISIT "Getting Help" page
  • If you need a callback (afterhours), put your Name and Phone in my Google Phone, below.

Note:  Our form is the ONLY reliable way to submit a support request.

 A greater understanding of Uninsured Persons, County ACE Program is found at ITUP.ORG


 Due to day job, we can not help at this phone number during weekdays 7am to 5pm.

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