Mathusalem Nebula (MWP1) and Alves1 (AVL1)

MWP1 - Mathusalem Nebula et Avl 1

TSA102 F/D 8 - Atik4000 (kai 4022)

Astrodon Ha 5nm : 11x20 min

Astrodon OIII 5nm : 15x20 min

CCD Temp : -17°C

FWHM : 4"


Visualisation HOO

Traitement Iris et CS2.

This nebula is faint and really old, nearly 150 000 years old.

Actually PN are only visible during 20 000 years after the central star turned into white dwarf.

One explication can be found in a late He-shell flash and late He burning.

In another way of speaking, the dead star came back to life, to light up MWP1.


There is another thing interesting.

While processing acquisitions, i noticed a small faint nebula near MWP1 (at the bottom right corner).

Finally i found out in the internet that nebula was Filipe Alves' newly discovered PN (ALV1 2009).