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BUSF 35125Quantimental Investment (量本投资)    Spring     2019

Previous Teaching Experience

Course NumberCourse Title Year/Quarter Taught
BUSF 35125
BUSF 35125
BUSF 35125
BUSE 35125
Quantimental Investment
Quantimental Investment
Quantimental Investment
Quantimental Investment Lab
   Spring      2018
   Autumn    2016
   Autumn    2015
   Spring      2015
    Stanford Graduate School of Business (as course assistant):
ACCT 541
ACCT 344
FIN 320
FIN 324
FIN 331
FIN 341
FIN 346
FIN 562
Law 262
Alphanomics II
Alphanomics I: Informational Arbitrage in Equity Markets
Debt Markets
Practical Corporate Finance
Practical Corporate Finance - Accelerated
Modeling for Investment Management
Institutional Money Management
Financial Trading Strategies
Corporate Finance I
    Harvard University (as teaching assistant):
Math 21a
Math 21b
Math 115
Math 221
Multivariable Calculus
Linear Algebra & Differential Equations 
Methods of Analysis 
Commutative Algebra
Coach for Physics Olympiad                                 Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore
High School Teacher for Math & Physics                Hwa Chong International School, Singapore
Math and Science Tutor                                       Proweb Learning Center, Singapore