Linux XPI Installer

A linux XPI installer is now available in the download section. The XPI file is bundled in a zip as google site forbid to offer .xpi files for download !

Thus download the file, decompress it and open the .xpi file with firefox or your xpi compatible browser.

Site is moving

Site is moving on googlesite !

Plugin is working on FC7 with Firefox/

Latest test ! Will done a new test with FBSD6 sooner. Bye

Freebsd 5.x

Static version of the plugin (4.8 build) is working on freebsd 5.1, 5.2.1, 5.3 with compat4x support.

The site has moved

Due to problem with free.fr web hosting the site has moved and get his own domain name welcome to linuxj2k.org !

Version 0.0.2 is out

Some bugs corrected, makefile improved, now compile under FreeBSD. Posted new binary release (jasper version) for linux & FreeBSD system.

Bug report

Please report bug on installing/compiling the plugin to admin@linuxj2k.org

Welcome to linuxj2k

You are searching a jpeg2000 plugin for your linux browser, you are in the right place here !

The plugin is using Netscape Plugin API and Jasper jpeg2000 lib.

It can decode j2c (simple codestream), jp2 & jpc files.

And when linked with GDAL it can read GeoJP2 tags embedded in jpeg2000 picture files.

I've tested the plugin with Netscape / Mozilla / Konqueror / Opera (very beta support)

The license for the plugin is GNU v2, Jasper has it own licensing terms and GDAL is released under an X/MIT style Open Source license.