ant to Learn Linux ?

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  • This is a quick start Linux guide.
  • Showing you an easy route to get up and running.
  • Working step by step from installing to customising.

Tip #1 - Easy Reading
  • Depending on the size of your screen you may wish to zoom in or out
  • To enlarge this text use Ctrl and to reduce it use Ctrl -
  • Zooming in and out is typically found in your browser's menu under [view] -> [zoom]. 
  • If you have a mouse with a wheel use Ctrl Wheel (press the "Ctrl" key while rolling the wheel).
  • For full screen key F11, press it again to return to normal.

Tip #2 - Surviving Accidents
  • Computer failure is rare but human error is extremely common, your data's worst enemy is you.
  • Writeable CD's can last ten years or more before developing errors but they do scratch easily.
  • USB hard disks are great but they don't bounce well.
  • USB memory sticks handle well but have a limited number of writes before your data is lost.
  • Recreating documents from scratch is a pain, recreating photos is impossible.
  • One backup is good, two backups are better.

Tip #3 - Navigation Options
  • Sidebar navigation menu:  Jump to any page using the sidebar menu on the left.
  • Search this site button:      Use the search button at the top of this page. (Quick way to find site content, very useful)
  • Search page tool:                 Type Ctrl + F to search within the current page
  • Next Page link:                      Continue reading with the Next Page link at the bottom of the page.

Tip #4 - Linux is Totally Free
  • You can download full unrestricted versions of Linux for free.
  • Download your first Linux today, step by step details follow on the Next Page.