Fields of interest: Macrofinance; economic development and growth; firm dynamics 


  with Simon Alder and Fabrizio Zilibotti,  Journal of Economic Growth.

Working Paper

  Bank of Canada Staff Working Paper 2017-37

  new version!

Work in Progress 
(draft available upon request)

- Rushing into the Trap: A Model of Corruption and Economic Growth, October 2016, 
  with Simon Alder

Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis Publications 

  with B. Ravikumar and Michael Sposi. The Regional Economist

   with B. Ravikumar. Economic Synopses 2014(6)

   with B. Ravikumar. Economic Synopses 2014(9)

   with B. Ravikumar. Economic Synopses 2016(15)

   with B. Ravikumar. Economic Synopses 2016(16)