Wolf Rank

The Wolf rank is for scouts who are in second grade or age eight. To earn the rank of Wolf, your scout will follow the adventures in the Wolf Handbook. Below is an outline of the material covered in the handbook.
To begin the path to the Wolf Rank, a scout must first complete the Bobcat Rank. The Bobcat Rank is outlined at the beginning of every handbook in Cub Scouts. Once completed and reported to your Den Leader, the Bobcat Badge will be awarded at the next Monthly Pack Meeting. 
Note: Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat... Once your scout earns the Bobcat Badge it can be skipped in other handbooks as they advance through the ranks.    
To earn the Wolf Rank the Wolf scout must complete 6 Required Adventures, 1 Elective Adventure, exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide, and earn the Cyber Chip award for their age.

Wolf Rank - Required Adventures

As the scout completes each Adventure they are awarded a belt loop which is hung from their belt. Belt loops are intended to be rewarded as soon as possible, to include immediately upon completion.
  1. Call of the Wild
  2. Council Fire
  3. Duty to God Footsteps
  4. Howling at the Moon
  5. Paws on the Path
  6. Running with the Pack
Below are the outlines of the required Wolf Adventures...
  • Call of the Wild
    • Complete activities that increase your scouts comfort, familiarity, and knowledge of camping, wildlife, and outdoor activities.
  • Council Fire
    1. Learn about citizenship, civil service, and the community.
  • Duty to God Footsteps
    • With your adult partner, find out what duty to God means to your family. Learn about how others enjoy religious freedom in America.
  • Howling at the Moon
    • Show you can communicate in different ways, and work with your den to create an original skit. Practice and perform the skit at a campfire program.
  • Paws on the Path
    • Learn about preparing to take on a hike, how to hike safely, and some activities you can do while hiking.
  • Running with the Pack
    • Practice a number of physical fitness activities and play games with your den or family.

Wolf Rank - Elective Adventures

After completing the 6 required Wolf Adventures your scout will need to complete one of the Wolf Electives to fulfill the Adventures required to be awarded the Wolf Rank badge. 
  • Adventures in Coins
  • Air of the Wolf
  • Code of the Wolf
  • Collections and Hobbies
  • Cubs Who Care
  • Digging in the Past
  • Finding Your Way
  • Germs Alive!
  • Grow Something
  • Hometown Heroes
  • Motor Away
  • Paws of Skill
  • Spirit of the Water

NoteSome activities are done at home and signed off by the parent after the boy has completed the task. You can signoff the activity in the handbook or in Scoutbook, which should be shown to the Den Leader who then approves the progress in Scoutbook to track your scout's progress. You must report your scouts progress in a timely manner. 

NoteThere are no performance requirements for completing tasks. Simply participating and doing one's best in an activity constitutes completion.

Note to Parents
  1. Your Den Leader will track Adventure activity by each Scout.
  2. Some activities are done at home and signed off by the parent "Akela" after the boy has completed the task. 
  3. Use your handbook to learn about each of the Adventure activities and update Scoutbook to track the activities your scout completes.
  4. Start a Scout Folder to store papers and projects as your scout completes them.
  5. Bring the Handbook (and folder) to each Den meeting to have your activities recorded by the Den Leader.
Our Pack uses the Scoutbook website to track the progress of your scout.  The Den Leaders have access to Scoutbook so make sure your child gets credit for completing activities.  We also use Scoutbook to purchase appropriate badges and awards.  Make sure your scout is getting proper credit (by working with your Den Leader) and the recognition will come at Pack Meetings.  Scoutbook will track your child's progress for as long as they are in the Pack.