Construction Updates

A $27.5 million bond issue was recently passed.  Here's what progress is being made at the high school.

This page will be updated as I see progress or changes being made in my daily movements around the school.  Also, I do not pretend to be have any real construction knowledge or experience.  I often forget details.   Therefore, I cannot guarantee the speed or accuracy of the information displayed here.

If you see any innacruaccies, or have additional info or pictures, use the contact us page.

Construction Maps- Maps of where the construction is happening.

UPDATED! School Construction Website- The official site run by the school. Updated on March 16.  Lots of photos.

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NOTICE:  Phase II Area J, to which I had been referring to as "near room 200", will now be referred to as "Area 2J".  For a map of where this area is, visit the construction maps page.

Daily Updates

NOTICE:  Due to the slowing of visible progress in the area of construction, I will no longer have daily updates.  I will add any new or important information.   To sign up for a LM Group Email Newsletter, click here. 

4.30.07- A lot of stuff has happened, so I will strive to make this short and sweet.  The four corners has been "remodeled".  They have torn out two of the corners, on the East side (towards door #1).  This work was done on Friday night, which set off the fire alarms during the "Beauty and the Beast" performance.| The new cafeteria in 149C will have its own kitchen area, although not as well equipped as the main kitchen.| Many of the desks of the same type as used in the study hall were seen piled in a large dumpster.  It is likely that all similarly styled desks are in for the same fate.| The study hall has been permanently moved to the Lower Commons.  This is probably due to construction work, or the above mentioned trashing of the desks.  The only problem with this theory is that there is (semi) new carpet in this room.

3.27.07- Much progress has been made over spring break.  The work seems to be even further behind schedule, however.  The official website states that the new areas (freshman hallway, "food court", and counseling office) would be open after spring break.  This obviously has not happened.  However, the counseling offices and hallway do appear nearly ready (or completely ready) for use.  The "Food Court" appears to be a ways away from active use.The new counseling office is nearly completed, with new carpeting being put down, and most electrical work completed.|  The area where room 100 used to be is now (apparently) being used for storage.  A large number of boxes are piled up, nearly to the ceiling.  Work may or my not be going on.| Area 2J is also nearly completed.  The floors here will be tiled, and all that is closing it off now is just the caution tape on either end.|  The old gym is nearly finished in its conversion into a lunchroom.  The old gym floor has been kept, but many new walls have been installed.  A new door has been put in the hallway, leading into it.

3.18.07-I have returned from my month-and-a-half hiatus!  Here is what has been happening in the construction area.  I have heard that the construction is behind schedule by weeks.| The counseling staff will be able to move into their new space very soon, which will be located in the old study hall.| The old Orchestra area has ceased to be a staging area, and active work is now taking place there.| Area 2J is nearly completed, and the new hallway will be a great shortcut.|  A light near the stairwell next to Area 2J is hanging precariously, undoubtedly violating some code and making lots of people not walk under it.

1.29.07-A hole for a door has been cut from the hallway next to 149C to the top landing to the main lunchroom stairs.
1.24.07- Five or six 2.5-3 inch PVC pipes have been installed in the holes mentioned on 1.17.  This has allowed large number of ants to enter the school.|  The hallway near 149C is still closed.

1.17.07- Two new heating/cooling units are currently sitting on pallets near door #7.   Holes are being drilled in the concrete foundation near door #7, probably for ductwork or piping.
1.16.07-  A hole was cut in the brick wall directly opposite Mrs. Piche's room, across the out door commons.  This would place it in room 003, the study hall.|  A new piece of large machinery has been placed outside of door #7, probably a heating/cooling unit.
1.9.06- Little progress has been made that I have observed.| Preparations are possibly being made to cut a hole in the wall opposite Mrs. Piche's room, across the outdoor commons.|  More painting is taking place.
1.4.07- There was little or no visible progress made over Christmas.  The combination of two holidays and a national week of mourning probably disrupted most if not all of the work.|  The east wall of 149C has been exposed, and windows measuring about 36x16 inches, grouped in pairs.|  The bathrooms near room L50 no longer have piles of pipe stacked near the door.  Also, ladders have been set up to access the ceiling, probably to do plumbing work but some electrical components were also exposed.
12.22.06-  There have been large steal I-beam (or something similar) constructed in room 149C.|  Area 2J now has a large, lobby-type area with other rooms surrounding it.
12.21.06-Construction in many area may or may not be coming close to a close.  Possible paint fumes were detected throughout the building.|  The hallway next to 149C is now being used as a storage/staging area for the work occurring in the unused gym.  Also, an entirely new door (or at least a hole in the wall) has been created.
12.20.06-The construction near door #7 appears to not be an addition, but rather a new concrete foundation, possibly for the replacement of the former large piece of machinery that used to be located in the same spot.|  The bathroom near L50 are still shut off.  However, L50 is usable.|  The earlier statement that a new wall separate from the hallway wall is being constructed is false.  The new wall is an extension of the hallway wall, and is staggered slightly after 10 feet.
12.18.06- The entrance to the former 305 lab that opens into the freshman hallway has been converted from a double door into a single door.|  A second brick wall (besides the main hallway wall) has been constructed in the north (?) end of Area 2J.|  Much progress has been made on the new music center behind the auditorium.|  The former orchestra room is now being used as a staging area.  No visible progress has been made in the past few weeks.  Table for the workers to eat have been set up.
12.15.06- Light construction equipment have been working near door #7.  Part of the deep hole has possibly been filed in.|  The room that used to be Mrs. King/Borchers has had drywall put up on all four walls.  I assume the same is true for the rest of Area 2J.
12.13.06-  The stairs neighboring Area 2J have been fully reopened. 
12.11.06- More demolition and modifications are taking place near room 200.|  Concrete has been poured in the holes in the hallway next to rooms 100-102.|  Both back hallways leading from the library are still closed off.
12.9.06- A large piece of wheeled machinery has been set up in the area near room 200.  The gas powered generator (?) put off large amounts of exhaust, and smoke/bad smells were observed in the neighboring hallway.  Also, flashes of light were seen in the room, possibly from welding the metal frames that will form the walls.|  Work continues near door #7.  A construction worker cleans the glass of the interior doors everyday at around 8:35.  A cart full of tools has been put underneath the staircase.
12.5.06- A very large and deep hole (possibly for a foundation) has been dug next to door #7.  Also, large sections of flooring have been removed.|  The hallway next to 149C is still closed off, annoying large numbers of people going to lunch.
12.1.06- Work in the area next to door #7 has picked up.  Parts of the concrete flooring is being removed by sledgehammer, and large sections of carpet have been removed.|  The hall next to rooms 100-102 has been sealed off, with 4x8 pieces of plywood covering large holes in the ground.|
11.29.06- The hallway next to room 149C (unused gym) has been sealed off.  There appears to not be any construction taking place in the actual hallway, however.|  The former study hall has been divided into individual classrooms, it would appear.
11.21.06- The construction in room L50 and the neighboring bathrooms has apparently just begun. Holes are being drilled in the concrete ceiling of L50, and the bathrooms have lots of pipes and assorted angle pieces.|  The hallway next to rooms 100, 101, and room 102 has been reopened, with plywood panels being placed over the holes in the ground.
11.17.06- Hall next to rooms 100, 101, and 102 has been sealed off, and the temporary wall surrounding the entrance to those three rooms has been removed, revealing the inside. Look below to see what's going on inside there. |The construction in room L50 seems to be either completed or winding down. Half the red padding was removed and rolled up, revealing the gray carpet underneath. No visible changes were made. |Also, a construction worker spilled a barrel of debris down the stairs next to door #16 and the former (and future) orchestra room, causing a momentary holdup.
11.16.06- Air compressor or generator (DeWalt) used in the south side of the outdoor commons, creating lots of noise.

Room-By-Room Description

Please note that more details are available in the above daily updates. 

Room 301- The former orchestra room has been completely gutted.

Room 149C-Unused Gym- The unused gym next to the library is being converted into a cafeteria. Half of the floor has been torn up, but the remaining half has part a zig-zag cut to it, which indicates that that part of the wooden gym floor will be left as a decorative element. The floor underneath the wooden floor is concrete.

East of Door #7- The large piece of machinery (unknown type and function) has been removed.

Study hall/305- I believe the 305 lab has construction going on, but I am not sure. Progress unknown.

Rooms 100, 101, 102- The rooms have been completely gutted, and parts of the concrete floor has been removed, exposing the dirt underneath.

Rooms 210, 211- Progress unknown.

Room L50 (Wrestling Room)- Progress unknown.

Bathrooms near lunchroom- Closed off, mainly due to construction in room L50. Whether or not construction is actually taking place in the restrooms or not is unknown.

Addition behind auditorium- Two stories tall, all-brick construction.