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Videos - CNS

Dr. Boyev briefly reviews CNS Anatomy and introduces you to Smough the Executioner

CNS Anatomy for Intro to Pharm

"Crash Course in Psychology #30"  a VERY fast summary of affective disorders.

Crash Course: Psychology #30

Depression:  This young man has classic symptoms of depression.  I worry for him, as he apparently hasn't made any posts in two years.

Living with Major Depression

Mania:  The famous Charlie Sheen interview where he displays many symptoms consistent with mania.  

YouTube Video

The Schizophrenic Patient - an actual patient - (note he is partially treated on haloperidol)

Schizophrenia: Gerald

Tardive Dyskinesia

Severe Tardive Dyskinesia



On-Off Phenomena with L-DOPA

On-Off Phenomenon Parkinson's

A young veteran with Parkinson's Disease:  Note how he is either frozen (off) or has the flailing, bouncing dyskinesia which can be a side effect of his medication.

Young Parkinson's

Check out this website for the atypical antipsychotic drug "Abilify" as an adjunct for depression.  Note that the dose for this indication (2-5mg/day)  is far lower than the dose for psychosis (15-30mg/day).  
Click on the link for the commercial for the drug.  You can find the link next to the subheading "The ABILIFY Story".  You should now be able to recognize the majority of the warnings given in the middle of the advertisement.  It's good to be informed.  Right?  Right.

Abilify for depression commercial

Abilify programs to help patient access:  addabilify.com