About Dr. Boyev

Linnea Boyev is a retired ophthalmologist living in the north suburbs of Chicago.  She got her undergraduate, graduate and medical degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana, and trained in ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and surgical retina at Tufts University in Boston.  She currently works part-time on the adjunct faculty of Oakton Community College, teaching pharmacology, genetics and nutrition to nursing, pre-nursing and biology students.  She is also the proud mother of a teenaged boy, and has an art, music and video website dedicated to the video games that she plays with her son.  They have two cats named Sparky and Dido and three Norwegian rats named Smough, Alexstrasza and Sindragosa.  Linnea spends much of her remaining free time these days taking art and language classes and playing guitar.
Dr. Boyev