Steering Committee / Work Groups

Steering Committee

A steering committee comprised of local residents representing various stakeholder groups was formed to oversee the Rural Land Use Plan update process. The members held their first meeting on June 22, 2011, at which they reviewed the Smart Planning Principles and existing Rural Land Use Plan. The committee also discussed the update process and made initial plans for the Work Group structure. During the committee’s second meeting, held July 6, 2011, Les Marquart was appointed chair and Ben Rogers was appointed vice chair. The committee reviewed the Planning and Development staff public participation plan and finalized the Work Group structure. Both meetings were publicized through news releases and were open to the public.

The Steering Committee subsequently reviewed each Work Group’s set of goals, objectives, and strategies in a series of meetings held between October 2012 and January 2013.

During these meetings, the Steering Committee focused on consistency and connections within and among plan elements. This oversight was important since the plan elements do no function alone but in conjunction with one another.

Steering Committee Meetings

June 22, 2011
July 6, 2011
October 4, 2012
October 30, 2012
January 7, 2013

Steering Committee Members and Affiliations

Frank Bellon, Midwest Development Corp

Christine Butterfield, City of Cedar Rapids

Pramod Dwivedi, Linn County Public Health

Doug Elliott, East Central Iowa Council of Governments             (ECICOG)

Mike Goldberg, Linn County Emergency Management                Agency (EMA)

Jason Grimm, Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and                 Development

John Harris, Linn County Board of Supervisors

Jacque Holloway, Corridor Conservation Coalition

Beverly Johnson, AARP Linn County Chapter

Les Marquart, Linn County Planning and Zoning Commission

Allen Merta, Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance

Stephanie Neff, Linn County Public Health

Sushil Nepal, Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization

Pat Pisarik, “Chart the Course” Committee

Ben Rogers, Linn County Board of Supervisors

Tom Smith, Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization

Vern Zakostelecky, City of Cedar Rapids


Work Groups

The Work Groups, one for each plan element, included interested citizens and representatives from organizations and stakeholder groups

The overall goal of the Works Group was to refine the information gathered at the earlier public input and visioning sessions and augment it with citizen and expert knowledge into specific goals, objectives, and strategies. These terms are defined as:


A general statement of a future condition which is considered desirable for the community; it is an end towards which actions are aimed.


A statement of measureable activity to be accomplished in pursuit of the goal; it refers to some specific aspiration which is reasonably attainable.


A specific proposal to do something that relates directly to accomplishing the objective; it identifies the how, where, and amount to be done.

Each Work Group met at least twice, with Planning and Development staff providing administrative support. Group members discussed and revised the goals, objectives, and strategies, working to ensure that diverse points of view were considered.

Work Group Members and Affiliations

Alternative and Renewable Energy

Dan Abel, Linn County resident

Kimberly Dickey, Iowa Renewable Energy Association

Pat Harstad, Linn County resident

RJ Jordan, RJ Construction

Jyoti Karki, Iowa Renewable Energy Association

Sue Snyder, Linn County resident

Kevin Stucker, Linn County Rural Electric Cooperative

Economic Development and Employment Opportunities

Lee Belden, Linn County resident

Randy Dostal, Thomas Dostal Development

George K. Lake, Marion Economic Development              Corporation

Christine Landa, Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa

Allen Merta, Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance

Scott Olson, Cedar Rapids City Council

Michelle Sillman, Linn County resident

Hazard Planning

Liz Beldon, Linn County resident

Hilary Copeland, ECICOG

Jon Gallagher, Natural Resources Conservation Service     (NRCS)

Mike Goldberg, Linn County EMA

Brita Van Horne, Linn County Planning and Development


Livable Communities

Kendra Abel, Linn County Public Health

Mark Armstrong, Linn County resident

Jennifer Fencl, ECICOG

Jason Grimm, Iowa Valley RC&D

Jacque Holloway, Corridor Conservation Coalition

Les Marquart, Linn County Planning and Zoning                 Commission

Ruby Perin, Linn County Public Health

Ron Rath, Linn County resident

Dean Spina, Linn County resident

Marty Stoll, Linn County Planning and Zoning                 Commission

Herb Stone, Linn County Board of Adjustment

Resource Protection

John Bruene, USDA

Bruce Frana, Linn County Soil and Water Conservation     District

Jim Greif, Linn County Farm Bureau

Sue Ellen Hosch, Linn County Soil and Water Conservation         District

Laura Krouse, Abbe Hills Farm

George Maxwell, Linn County Planning and Zoning            Commission

Pat Pisarik, “Chart the Course” Committee

John Tuthill, Wendling Quarries

Donna Walton, Linn County resident

Curt Zingula, Linn County Farm Bureau


Sustainable Development

Frank Bellon, Midwest Development Corp

Jon Bogert, Anderson-Bogert Engineers & Surveyors,         Inc.

Deb Engmark, Brucemore

Elwood Garlock, Linn County Sierra Club

Dennis Goemaat, Linn County Conservation

Jim Hodina, Linn County Public Health

Dick Ransom, Hall & Hall Engineers

Carole Teator, Trees Forever

Chris Thoms, Linn County resident



Michelle Barker, Linn County resident

Kimberly Dickey, Iowa Renewable Energy Association

Tom Hardecopf, Linn County LIFTS

Jeff Keiser, Linn County Trails Association

Brad Ketels, Linn County Secondary Roads

David Morton, Brucemore

Sushil Nepal, Corridor MPO (Alternate)

Janet Pilcher, Linn County Board of Adjustment

Tom Smith, Corridor MPO

John Wauer, Linn County Trails Association


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Nov 3, 2011, 8:30 AM