Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov. Meetings start at 7pm at the post home shown on the Constitution and by-laws page. The Auxiliary meets in combination on the meeting night in March and September with those meeting having a 5:30 lunch. 

Commander                  Ron Tyne                Marion 298             r_j_tyne@msn.com

1st Vice-Commander   Lyle Andersen         Springville 331       mccallapril@ymail.com

2nd Vice-Commander   Bob Jones               Hiawathia 735          

Adjutant                        Robert Berridge      Marion 298            rberrid@aol.com

Chaplain                        Lynn Millard           Central City 421           

Sgt-at-Arms                  Helen Murphy        Marion 298


Judge Advocate              

Aux. President                Gayla Bales             Springville 331        Grbates151@aol.com

Vice President                Pat Kilberger           Fairfax 572              pat.kilberger@gmail.com

Secretary/Treasurer       Alida Kolthoff         Troy Mills 712          iakolthoff@hotmail.com

Chaplain                        Jackie Tyne

Parliamentarian              Jeannie Carson

Chairman of Pages         Julie Cook

Girls State Chairman      Janice Berridge


                  Linn County, Department of Iowa, The American Legion


 Post Clubroom Information

The Department is compiling a list of posts who operate a full-time clubroom. If your post has a liquor license and is open on a daily basis, whether a public or private license, please send that information to Department HQ in care of Adjutant John Derner. Since not all posts receive this newsletter, if you know of other posts that fit this category besides your own, please also send that information.
This information will be used for Department purposes only and will not be released to any government or private business without the permission of the post. We ask your cooperation in compiling this information.


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