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Center Point - Urbana & Linn-Mar School District Special Elections

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Election Maps & GIS Data

Election Maps

A series of maps have been created the variety of districts in Linn County.

Many of the maps are in a PDF format and are 24" by 36" in size.

Maps may be purchased through the Election Services Office.

Election Map Categories:

GIS Data

The Election Services Office provides some general data layers that are available for download at the Iowa GIS Data Repository. From this website, you can download zip files containing ESRI© Shapefiles and Geodatabase layers.

To use these files you will need a program capable of using these file formats. To download the files, you will need to create log-in and navigate to Linn County's "Open" folder.

Iowa GIS Data Repository Website

Election Related Shapefiles and Layers:
  • Iowa Senate Districts
  • Iowa House Districts
  • County Supervisor Districts
  • City Council Districts
  • Polling Places
  • Precincts
  • Precinct Splits