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Linksys Unofficial Updated Drivers for Wireless Adapters with Ralink Chipsets

Purpose: The purpose of this web site is to offer updated drivers for Linksys wireless adapters that have Ralink chipsets.

Background: To my knowledge Linksys rarely updates any of their drivers. With new hardware such as routers, new software such as Windows Vista and Windows 7, and new service packs for Windows sometimes the original drivers for a particular Linksys device just doesn't work well (or not at all). Also the first version of any driver is bound to have bugs. Responsible vendors release updated driver versions in an attempt to keep up with new hardware devices, operating systems, service packs, and bug patches.

So why hasn't Linksys updated their drivers? I truly don't know. You can find complaints about lack of Linksys support all over the internet including the Linksys forums! Some people just simply throw away their Linksys hardware and buy new hardware from other vendors such as D-Link and Netgear. Are their devices superior to Linksys devices? No, they are not! They have the same chipsets in their devices as does Linksys! So what makes them work better? Well it must be the driver! So don't throw away that old Linksys hardware just yet! Try one of my updated driver packages and see if this will solve your Linksys woes!

Where does Linksys get their hardware? Linksys appears to be a reseller of other companies' chipsets just like D-Link, Netgear, Asus, etc. For instance their wireless PCI cards and USB Adapters have chipsets made from various companies such as Ralink, Realtek, and many others. Some of these chipset manufacturers even have free driver updates available to the public. You just have to know who made your driver and where to find it.

I have bought many Linksys products. I have 3 Linksys USB Wireless Adapters and 1 Linksys Wireless PCI Adapter. Of the 4 Linksys wireless adapters that I have, all 4 use chipsets by Ralink. 

My Linksys wireless network adapters are:
Linksys WUSB54GC ver. 1 uses Ralink chipset RT2501U
Linksys WUSB54GC ver. 3 uses Ralink Integrated chipset RT2070
Linksys WMP54G ver. 4.1 uses Ralink chipset RT2501
Linksys WUSB600N ver. 2 uses Ralink Integrated chipset RT3572

Network problems experienced with the original Linksys software: WUSB54GC ver. 1 and WMP54G Ver. 4.1: Many times I had problems with my internet connection through the router. The software would say you are connected to the network but the internet can't be found. I would have to do many maneuvers to get to the internet. Usually the only thing that worked was waiting for a very long time (a very loooooong time). Other times everything would seem fine but then my network connection would get dropped while others around me would still be connected. I would constantly have to reconnect for no apparant reason. I was frustrated with the Linksys device. I looked on the Linksys site for updated drivers and forums for problems solved but there were never any. Sound familiar?

So what to do? I googled WUSB54GC driver and found some very informative sites about my Linksys products. First I found out that the chipsets of many Linksys devices are made by Ralink which can be found at and that they have newer driver versions than Linksys has. Only one problem though. The newer drivers at Ralink don't automatically work with the Linksys devices. Why? Well, Ralink doesn't include any Linksys device in their device information (*.inf) files. (Why? I don't know!) I found out that many people with a few computer skills could make the newer drivers work with the Linksys hardware by editing and adding their device ID in to the *.inf files. Many people now had stable working Linksys devices! Also they could run their old hardware on Windows Vista and Windows 7!

I tried editing the *.inf file and to my surprise my Linksys Device worked with the newer driver! It is much more stable. I can now connect instantly to the internet. My XP Welcome log on screen has reappeared! I don't get dropped from the network all the time!

This started my little project. I decided to find out all that I could about Ralink Driver packages and make a "How To" website so that others could see my good work and perhaps correspond with me to help me improve what I have started.