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Who am I?

I feel like I am at one of those social sites trying to figure out what to write about myself. :/

Well, I'm a guy. I'm married, and I have 3 children. 2 children are from a previous marriage and 1 is from my current marriage.

I've been working with computers since 1985. I started with DOS 5.0 and had WordPerfect 5.1. My first computer was a Radio Shack Trsh 80 and my monitor was my TV! Then I graduated to an IBM clone. It had a 386SX-20Mhz CPU with 1 megabyte of RAM and a 10 megabyte HDD. Who could ever ask for more! Then I moved up in the world with Windows 3.1. I remember that I got a great deal! It came with a free mouse! Back then everyone had to know a little DOS in order to operate these new GUIs because some programs still only operated in DOS while others operated under the GUI.

I took Fortran for Engineers at the Univerity of Florida when I was in Engineering school. That was one of the toughest 2 hour courses that I ever took! But I passed it and learned a lot about Unix machines and text editors as well as Fortran.

Then the internet came along. I used to sit at my computer and cruise the internet way way too much! I neglected many responsibilities but I had fun and learned a lot about the Internet (I know some of you can relate). Later I decided to start a business online and tried to sell International Callback. So I made my own website and advertised it online. I found out that it is very difficult to get people to trust you with their credit card number! So needless to say I didn't make much money selling long distance. But on the bright side I found out more aobut the internet and web site design.

So this brought me to going back to school and getting a computer degree. Yes, I have a degree in computers. I am a "systems analyst". I received this degree from Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville. I also worked for the ITE department at Santa Fe part time while I was a student. During this time I learned to ghost HDD images, troubleshoot hardware and software. I was asked to stay there as an interim supervisor until they could hire some one to take my place. So I stayed an extra semester to help out.

After graduation I found a job at Shands @ UF in the Staffing Office. I co-wrote a Microsoft Access Database with one of my co-workers. It was a front end to another database called One-Staff. We built the Access database because One-Staff was limited with reports that the directors of the hospital needed to use to see information about the staffing of the hospital. I also made automated work verification forms for the staff checking in and out. I also made atuomated evaluation forms for employees. This saved a lot of time for my department in completing work.

After receiving very little credit or payment for my automating the work in the staffing office at shands I decided it was to switch fields. (Some people are so ungrateful!) While working in the hospital I met many good people that were nurses. I saw what they did and they were making very good money so I decided to become a nurse.

So back to school I went. I am now an RN and working at North Florida Regional Medical Center as an RN. I have just started the job recently but I like it very much. The people I work with are incredible. They are about as selfless as people can get. My kind of people :)

So during the summer between studying for my license and getting a nursing job I started having trouble with my Linksys wireless adapters. I had just bought a new Linksys wrt160n wireless router and my connection kept getting dropped. The other people in my home didn't get dropped! They didn't have linksys wireless devices, but I did. So I figured out that it was my driver! It was more that 3 years old and at the linksys site there were no updated drivers! So I started doing research and came across a web site made by Mark Wagner. In his WUSB54GC blog (http://www.decimation.com/markw/2007/12/04/wusb54gc-and-vista/), I found out a lot of information about my wireless adapter. With this information I  started my own quest to help others that are in the same predicament as me. I started in May of 2009. It is now November and my website has grown from supporting only the WUSB54GC version 1 to supporting 20 Linksys wireless adapters! All of these adapters have Ralink chipsets. Ralink makes drivers available to the public. In their driver information files they support many vendors. Unfortunately very few Linksys products are in their information files. I don't know why they are not there, but they should be! I contacted Linksys and Ralink about the matter and of couse I never received a reply. So I took it upon myself to do it for them and made this web site. To this day, November 24, 2009, I have had more than 1,300 downloads from people all over the world and countless emails thanking me for my work. Some have even helped me contribute by pointing out errors in my packages, website, and about other Linksys products with Ralink chipsets.

Not bad for a part time computer geek, huh?