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How to find the IP Address.

How to connect to a wireless network. 

How to check the Wireless Settings on the Router ?

ipconfig Errors and Solutions.

Setting up outlook Express Email.

VPN in XP.

Default IP Address, Username and Passwords for Linksys Devices.

Using the Print Server's Bi-Admin Utility



Routers and Gateways.

Upgrading firmware on the router.

How to boost the Wireless Range / Signal.

Expanding range of WRV200 with WAP200.

Wireless Security.

File Sharing in XP.

Forwarding Ports on the Linksys router.


Linksys Media Hub:

Add media from Media Hub through Media Extender

NMH300/400 Hardware Tested List





Digital Media Extender

Supported Audio & Video Codecs for the DMA2200 & DMA2100

How to check the computer is connected to the Linksys Digital Media Extender

How to check the IP Address of Digital Media Extender Using the Router’s DHCP Client Table



How to install Windows Vista.

How to assign a Static IP Address on a Wireless Computer when Using Windows Vista.

How to configure a wireless computer to get the IP Address Automatically ?

How to disable Windows Vista’s built-in Firewall? 

How to connect to wireless networks with SSID broadcast disabled?

How to Setup LPR Printing on Vista


Voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP].

CIT400 cheat sheet.


XBOX and Playstation


Ports for XBOX.

Port List.




Configuring camera with Belkin router.

Registering Camera with Sololink.

Configuring Wireless Settings on Camera.

How to configure Motion Detection and Email Alert on WVC200.



NAS200 Download Manager.

Adding a new user to group.

How to format disk with NSLU2.




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SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Google Friendconnect

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