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"I'm the only one on the stage who said we should not go into Iraq":
"Are you in favor of going into Iraq? Yeah, I guess so":

"I'm very pro life":
"I'm very pro choice" / "I'm pro choice in every respect":
"There has to be some form of punishment":

"She has no natural talent to be president":
"She's very talented":
"Worst secretary of state in history":
"How did she do as secretary of state? Probably above and beyond everybody else":
"Hillary Clinton is a terrific woman":

"I'm going to build a wall, and Mexico's going to pay for it": ""
Vicente Fox - "I'm not gonna pay for that fuckin wall":
"This guy used a filthy disgusting word on television":
"Listen you motherfuckers":
"Beat the shit out of them":
"Bomb the shit out of them:
"Political bullshit":
"You're not gonna raise that fuckin price":

Health care:
"Donald, true or false you've said the government should pay for everyone's health care?":
"Everybody's got to be covered":

"I was in favor of Libya? I never discussed that subject":
"Qaddafi in Libya is killing thousands of people":

Illegal immigrants:
"They're here illegally, they have to go":
"We have to have some compassion, we can't just throw everybody out":
"Keep the families together, but they have to go":

Nuclear weapons:
"Japan should defend itself, including with nukes" / "They said I want Japan to get nuclear weapons, give me a break":
"It's gonna happen anyway. It's only a question of time":

Democrat or Republican:
"I'm a conservative person" / "Bush says 'I do not believe he's a true conservative'":
"The Republicans are just too crazy right":
"I identify more as a Democrat":

Neo Nazis:
"I don't know anything about David Duke":
"David Duke is a racist, a bigot, a problem":

Minimum wage:
"We have to leave it the way it is":
"I would like to see an increase of some magnitude":

Tax returns:
"There have been many presidents that have not released their tax returns":
"I'll release my tax returns, absolutely":

Bill Clinton:
"Nobody abused women more than Bill Clinton":
"Look at the trouble Bill Clinton got into over something that was totally unimportant":
"She's married to a man who was impeached for lying":

"I would never lie" / "The president needs to be a great leader":
"I can be the most politically correct person in the world, and I can be the opposite":
"I could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue and I wouldn't lose any voters":
"I'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers":
"I'd like to punch him in the face":
"Blood coming out of her wherever":
"I like people that weren't captured":
Mocks reporter with disability:
Accuses Ted Cruz of lying, "this guy will say anything":

Trump supporter: