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Networks and Organizations

Instructor: Ron Burt

This is a 1-day Friday workshop on networks and organizations.

AM, Foundations: Growth vs Governance, Brokerage vs Closure

The shift to less hierarchical companies and global markets has triggered a shift from vertical chains of command to horizontal lines of cooperation. Business leaders have a choice between two network strategies for adding value: Brokerage is a strategy for creating value, closure is a strategy for delivering on a known value stream. This session is about successful leaders who read organizations and markets to figure out what to do, and who to involve in getting it done. Such leaders have social capital. This session is about what it means to have social capital and the fundamental tension between brokerage and closure.

PM, Brokerage Contingencies: Why Advantage Sometimes Isn’t

Getting to a position in which you have network advantage does not ensure benefit from the advantage. A great many people and groups with network advantage show no benefit at all from their advantage. This session is about some of the reasons why. Among the contingencies to discuss are framing and productive accidents, the importance of personal engagement, active versus passive structural holes, positive anchors, managing versus eliminating holes, collateral brokerage, and reputation.

Ron recommends reading these ahead of time. We will also have hard copies available at the session.