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Pre-arrival info

posted May 18, 2014, 3:56 PM by Steve Borgatti   [ updated May 22, 2018, 5:30 PM ]
  • Rather than send mass emails, I will generally communicate with participants via this website, so please check the announcements page, and particularly the pre-arrival post (this page), which will be updated as needed over time
Communicating with other participants
  • If you would like to exchange email with other participants, one way to do it is to join the Google group. To join, click the Google Group tab above
  • Another way to communicate is via Twitter. The official hashtag for the workshop is #Links18. 
Hardware and software
  • Remember to bring a laptop! 
  • Make sure it is capable of wifi! (so you can download datasets generated during the workshop)
  • We strongly recommend downloading and installing the software used in your workshop now to make sure it runs on your laptop.  Most of the modules use UCINET, and it is helpful if everyone has a recent version. Current version is 6.649.You can download UCINET here:
    • Please install the 32-bit version, not the 64-bit version
    • After installation run this installation exercise to make sure is working ok
    • Mac and Linux users: Please note UCINET is Windows software only. See this FAQ for more information.
  • The Stochastic Models track uses different software. Click here for more information
  • If you click on the link for any module, you'll see a list of any readings the instructor has recommended. Some of these are books, so you might want to order now 
Dress and weather
  • Dress at the workshop is extremely casual
  • It's normally hot and humid outside, but the session rooms can be on the chilly side for some, so packing a light jacket might come in handy
  • Best way to get from LEX airport to your accommodation is a cab. Takes about 15 minutes. 
On-campus Summer Conference housing
  • For those of you that have signed up for UK Summer Conference Housing, here is their contact information: or (859) 963-3041. 
  • Once on campus, the front desk number for Jewell Hall is (859) 629-3777 if you have any questions.  You will call this number when you arrive to be let in the front doors of Jewell Hall, University of Kentucky, 344 South Martin Luther King Boulevard, Lexington, KY  40526.  
  • You will be able to check-in and get your suite key when you arrive.  For security protection, the doors will be locked but someone will be at the front to let you in.  Suggestion:  You might want to check ahead of time with UK Summer Conference Housing to get more information on the best place to park and unload, and ask any other questions you have about staying on campus.
  • For more details regarding Jewell Hall, please check the Accommodations web page.
  • Parking for Jewell Hall guests please contact UK Parking Special Events, Brandy Reynolds, at or 859-257-9680 to obtain parking information and maps.  Be sure to contact Parking at least a week before the Workshop.  Parking Offices will be closed on the weekends.
Sunday night outing
  • For those around on Sunday evening (5:00-7:30pm), there will be a pre-workshop social event at Buffalo Wild Wings, located at 1080 S Broadway. Workshop TAs will be in attendance wearing blue polo shirts with the LINKS insignia.
In case of trouble
  • Visit our contact page for information on who to call.