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Welcome to the LinksBucket Frequently Asked Questions section. Please first try to find the answer of your question on this page and if you do not find it here you are welcome to email me and I will be available for you.


General Questions

  • Why this LinksBucket is free? whats the catch?

         The reason to make this directory is to provide more exposure with NO cost. I want to make this directory 
         the world's biggest directory :)

  • How long a website will be available on this LinksBucket?

         Your website will be available on LinksBucket for ONE year.

  • I don't have any banner for my site but want to have one, can you design a banner for me?

          YES! I can design a banner for your website - for free. All you have to do is email me the requirements and 
           the size for your banner and I will get back to you with some initial drafts.

  • Do you want back-link from the HOMEPAGE of my website?

           NO, I don't want back-link to LinksBucket from your homepage. You can place a link to LinksBucket on 
           any page of your choice.

  • What if my site doesn't fit in any available category on LinksBucket?

           No problem. If your site doesn't fit in any available category then you can just drop me an email and tell me 
           the category that best fits for your website and  I will add that category on LinksBucket.