Pashto Links

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Tutorials & Courses

A Reference Grammar of Pashto - A 243 page reference grammar.  Over 2.5 megs in size.

Beginning Pashto Textbook - A 379 page beginners textbook.  Over 3.8 megs in size.

Intermediate Pashto Textbook - A 349 intermediate textbook.  Over 3.3 megs in size. 

Introduction To Pashto - Seven lessons over 183 pages with audio.  


Interesting Reading Practice

BBC Pashto - Up to date news from the BBC in Pashto.

Deutsche Welle - Up to date news from Deutsch Welle.

Pashto New Testament - The entire New Testament available in Pashto.

Pashto Reader - An 86 page reader.  Over 1.3 megs in size.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia in Pashto.  If online news isn't interesting enough for you, you can search for whatever you like on Wikipedia.

Things To Listen To

BBC Audio - A great resource to practice Pashto.  Even if you don't have much time you can always listen to a short program.

China Radio International - Lots of audio is available from China.  An interesting resource from a different perspective.

Deutsche Welle Radio  - Online radio from Deutsche Welle in Pashto. 

Global Recordings Network - Provides several free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.

Radio Free Afganistan - Online radio.

Voice of America - Interesting audio and reading practice from Voice of America.


Other Pashto Resources

E.R.I.C. - Offers an incredible ammount of quality Pashto resources. 

Pashto Dictionary - Online Pashto dictionary.

Pashto Language Resources - Various Pashto resources, proverbs, jokes, stories, and poetry.

The Pashto Language - Information from Wikipedia about the Pashto language.  Or try reading about the Pashto language in Pashto for even more practice.