Nepali Links

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Tutorials & Courses

Lessons In Nepali - A 299 page Peace Corps course in PDF format.

Majink Nepali Lessons - Offers a few basic Nepali lessons.

Nepali Beginners Primer - This course uses a PDF textbook as well as accompanying audio.  The textbook is available here and the audio is available here through Cornell University.

Nepali Language Course - This is a beginners course put out by the British Army.  The course was designed to familiarize British solders with the Nepali language.  There is a text in DOC format with accompanying WMA files.

Nepali Lessons - This site offers some basic Nepali lessons.

Colloquial Nepali - A PDF course in the Nepali language.  A great free resource.


Interesting Reading Practice

Arghakhanchi Times - Online news from Nepal.

BBC Nepali - Up to date news from the BBC in Nepali.

Kantipur Daily - Online newspaper in Nepali.

Khojtalash Daily - A good online newspaper in Nepali.

Nepali Online Newspapers - A large list of online Nepali newspapers.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia in Nepali.  There are over a thousand articles.  A great resource to practice reading.


Things To Listen To

BBC Audio - A great resource to practice Nepali.

China Radio International - Audio and more available in the Nepali language.

Global Recordings Network - Provides several free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.

Nepali MP3's - A large collection of MP3 downloads.

Nepali Music Videos - Another way to practice Nepali... music videos.

SBS Radio - An Australian radio station offers short audio programs in Nepali.  You can select audio from six categories on the left hand side.  Available in Real or MP3 format.

You Tube - Nepali resources are hard to come by.  You Tube has several videos in Nepali.


Other Nepali Resources

Nepali-English Dictionary - A Nepali-English Dictionary in PDF format.

Major T. Warren's 1944 Shorter English-Nepali Dictionary - Also in PDF format.  This dictionary is scanned sideways.  It's still worth a look.

Nepali Fonts - A great website where Nepali fonts can be downloaded.  They also have instructions for installing the fonts.