Kirundi/Kinyarwanda Links

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Tutorials & Courses

Interesting Reading Practice

BBC Great Lakes - Up to date news from the BBC in Kinyarwanda.

Children's Library - Currently offers 3 children's books in Kinyarwanda that can be read online.

Voice of America - Interesting reading practice from Voice of America.

Things To Listen To

BBC Audio - Several programs, many updated daily.  A great resource to practice Kinyarwanda.

Global Recordings Network - Provides several free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.


Other Kinyarwanda Resources

Kinyarwanda-English Dictionary - Online dictionary in PDF format.

The Kinyarwanda Language - Information from Wikipedia about the Kinyarwanda language.  Or try reading about the Kinyarwanda language in Kinyarwanda for even more practice.