Japanese Links

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Tutorials & Courses

A Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar - Lots and lots of grammar information. 

Japanese Pod 101 - 100's of Japanese podcast lessons for beginners, lower intermediate, and intermediate learners.  Free registration is required, there are more resources available for a fee. 

J-Online - A language and culture resource community.  Lots of free resources for learning Japanese.

Let's learn Japanese - Entertaining videos on YouTube that teach Japanese.

Mango Japanese - A new website that offers Japanese lessons.  101 lessons are currently available.  Each lessons has accompanying audio.  This is a great resource.  Free registration is required.

NHK World Japanese Lessons - Lessons with audio from KHK World.

Pera Pera Penguin - Printable lessons/review sheets on different area of Japanese grammar/conversation/vocab etc.  In PDF format.

Teach Yourself Japanese - A very detailed introduction to Japanese.  Lots of good information.

Interesting Reading Practice

Bauddha - This great site offers parallel texts in Japanese and English.  A very useful resource.

Children's Library - Currently offers 8 children's books in Japanese that can be read online.

Google News - One of the best online resources for news in Japanese.

Japanese Bible - The entire Bible available in Japanese.

Mainichi Shimbun - Online news in Japanese.

Project Gutenberg - A few online books freely available.

Yomiuri Shimbun - Online news in Japanese.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia in Japanese.  If online news isn't interesting enough for you, you can search for whatever you like on Wikipedia.

Things To Listen To

China Radio International - Lots of audio is available from China.  An interesting resource from a different perspective.

Global Recordings Network - Provides several free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.

Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime - Lots of audio available.

Japanese Internet Radio - A large list of online radio stations that broadcast in Japanese.

Koetaba - Several Japanese audio books available for download in .ram format.

Kokorojin - This site offers several audio books, including "The Little Prince".

Logos Children's Library - A handful of children's stories with accompanying audio files.  This is a wonderful way to improve your listening and reading skills.

Radio Japan - Radio Japan provides daily news in Japanese.  An interesting way to practice your Japanese.

SBS Radio - Offers short audio files covering various subjects.


Other Japanese Resources

Digital Dialects - This website offers basic vocabulary and games to help you practice.

Japanese For The Western Brain - A well done site that explains Japanese in a different way.  They also have some travel stories.

Japanese Vocabulary Guide - This is a great vocabulary guide.  Simply move your cursor over the word or picture to instantly hear it pronounced.

Linguanaut - A useful collection of basic phrases. 

Peanuts Comics - A Japanese website dedicated to the Peanuts comic strip.  The comics are in English, but a Japanese translation is given underneath each comic.