Irish Links

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Tutorials & Courses

Interactive Irish Lessons - Offers serious lessons as well as basic travel lessons. 

Learn Irish Gaelic - Over 100 Irish lessons.

Irish Lessons - Over 100 Irish lessons.  Free registration is required.

One Minute Irish - Short Irish audio lessons covering basic subjects.

Interesting Reading Practice

Beo! - Online news. 

Foinse - A weekly online newspaper.

Lá Nua - Online news.

Project Gutenberg - Several online books freely available.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia in Irish.  If online news isn't interesting enough for you, you can search for whatever you like on Wikipedia.


Things To Listen To

Global Recordings Network - Provides a few free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.

Raidió na Gaeltachta - Irish radio.

Raidió Fáilte - Irish radio from Belfast.


Other Irish Resources

Digital Dialects - This website offers basic vocabulary and games to help you practice.

English-Irish Dictionary - A useful online dictionary.

Linguanaut - A useful collection of basic phrases.

The Irish Language - Information from Wikipedia about the Irish language.  Or try reading about the Irish language in Irish for even more practice.

Verbix - The best online verb conjugator I have found.  Just type in a verb and Verbix will completely conjugate it for you.