Hindi Links

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Tutorials & Courses

A Door Into Hindi - Online lessons with accompanying videos.

FSI Hindi - The student text for "Hindi: An Active Introduction" is currently available.

Hindi Lessons Online - Nine beginner lessons are currently offered.

Virtual Hindi - A wonderful resource.  They provide stories with audio, videos, grammar lessons, and more.

Interesting Reading Practice

BBC News - Current news from the BBC in Hindi.

Deutsche Welle - Up to date news from Deutsch Welle.

Digital E-Library - A collection of Hindi e-books.

Google News - An excellent resource for online news articles in Hindi.  Highly recommended.

Hindi Folk Tales - This is a great way to quickly practice your Hindi and to gain some cultural knowledge.

Voice of America - Interesting Reading practice from Voice of America.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia in Hindi.  If online news isn't interesting enough for you, you can search for whatever you like on Wikipedia.


Things To Listen To

BBC Audio - Audio programs in Hindi from the BBC.

China Radio International - Lots of audio is available from China.  An interesting resource from a different perspective.

Global Recordings Network - Provides several free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.

Hindi New Testament - Available in mp3 format.

Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies - This podcast utilizes Bollywood movie audio to teach you Hindi. 

Namaste Dosti -A podcast that teaches Hindi.

Radio Japan - Radio Japan provides daily news in Hindi.  Most programs are ten minutes long. An interesting way to practice your Hindi.

SBS Radio - Offers short audio files covering various subjects.

Tarana 1386 AM - Hindi Internet Radio.

Other Hindi Resources

Digital Dialects - This website offers basic vocabulary and games to help you practice.

Learning Devanagari Script - An nice website that is designed to help beginners familiarize themselves with the script.

Linguanaut - A useful collection of basic phrases. 

Verbix - The best online verb conjugator I have found.  Just type in a verb and Verbix will completely conjugate it for you.