General Language Resources

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General Information

Ezine Articles - Tons of articles about language learning.

How to Learn A Language - Good advice for someone who isn't sure how to start to learn a language.

How To Learn Any Language - Lots of language learning information as well as a great forum.

Language Impact - Lots of useful language information, check out the language learning articles.

Omniglot - A wonderful site with information about nearly any language you can think of.   They provide in depth information about writing systems. 

Success With Foreign Languages - This book explores the learning methods of seven different people who have achieved success with foreign languages.  In PDF format.

Unilang - An active forum for language learners .


General Learning Resources - Search for and download free music by region.

Mondo Times - A great resource to find online newspapers from around the world.

The Mixxer - A great place to find a language exchange partner.

wwiTV - Links to online TV stations from around the world.