Esperanto Links

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Tutorials & Courses

Free Esperanto Course - Consists of ten lessons with exercises.  This course is done by email and even includes a free tutor. 

Kurso de Esperanto - A free downloadable twelve lessons course to learn Esperanto.

Lernu - Several Esperanto courses are available.  A great resource. Free registration is required for some of the courses.  Highly recommended!

Interesting Reading Practice

Chinese News - Online news from China in Esperanto.

Esperanto Bible - The entire Bible is available online.

Fajron Sentas Mi Interne - A novel originally written in Esperanto available online.

Le Monde Diplomatique - Online news.

Libera Folio - Online news.

Literaturo en Esperanto - Online library of books written in Esperanto.

Logos Children's Library - Several pages of children's stories.  This is a wonderful way to improve your reading skills.

Project Gutenberg - Several online books freely available.

Raporto - Online news. 

The Little Prince - In Esperanto of course (PDF format).

Wikipedia - Wikipedia in Esperanto. If online news isn't interesting enough for you, you can search for whatever you like on Wikipedia.

Things To Listen To

China Radio International - Offers daily audio programs in Esperanto as well as lots of reading practice.

Muziko en Esperanto - Several songs are available in MP3 format in Esperanto. 

Polish Radio in Esperanto - Offers daily audio programs in Esperanto.  An mp3 archive is also available.

Radio Verda - Online radio.

Other Esperanto Resources

Digital Dialects - This website offers basic vocabulary and games to help you practice. 

Esperanto - Information from Wikipedia about Esperanto.  Or try reading about Esperanto in Esperanto for even more practice.

Esperanto Dictionary - A useful online dictionary. 

Esperanto Information - Lots of basic information about Esperanto.

Linguanaut - A useful collection of basic phrases.

Online Games - Practice your Esperanto while playing some simple games. 

Random Joke Generator - Generates a new joke every time the page is refreshed.

Verbix - The best online verb conjugator I have found.  Just type in a verb and Verbix will completely conjugate it for you.