Dutch Links

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Tutorials & Courses

Dutch For Beginners - Like the name says, Dutch for beginners.  The site has lots of simple vocabulary as well as some verb help.  Some of the vocabulary is linked to information (in Dutch) about the subject.

Dutch For Beginners Part 1 - A good short course.  Part 2 is also available.

Dutch Online Grammar Course - A great website with easy to understand explanations of Dutch grammar.  They even have a Dutch podcast.

Dutch Tutorial - A good Dutch tutorial.

Laura Speaks Dutch - A nice podcast that teaches Dutch.

Learn Dutch - Online Dutch lessons and grammar help.


Interesting Reading Practice

Anderson Stories - Several stories from Hans Christian Andersen, a few have accompanying audio.

De Telegraaf - Online news. 

De Volkskrant - Online news.

Dutch Bible - The entire Bible available in Dutch.

Google News - One of the best online resources for news in Dutch.

Groene Amsterdammer - Online news magazine.

Logos Children's Library - Several stories from Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm, Several have an accompanying audio file.  This is a wonderful way to improve your listening and reading skills.

Project Gutenberg - Several online books freely available.

Trouw - Online news.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia in Dutch. If online news isn't interesting enough for you, you can search for whatever you like on Wikipedia.

Things To Listen To

Dutch Internet Radio - A large list of online radio stations that broadcast in Dutch.

Global Recordings Network - Provides a few free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.

NOS.nl - News audio, video and reading practice in Dutch.

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep - Radio from the Netherlands.

SBS Radio - Offers short audio files covering various subjects.


Other Dutch Resources

Digital Dialects - This website offers basic vocabulary and games to help you practice.

English-Dutch Dictionary - A free English-Dutch dictionary.

Linguanaut - A useful collection of basic phrases.

Verbix - The best online verb conjugator I have found.  Just type in a verb and Verbix will completely conjugate it for you.