Burmese Links

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Tutorials & Courses

Beginning Burmese - 23 lessons with lots of useful teachings.  Includes audio. 

Burmese Script Lessons - 40 lessons that teach the Burmese script.

Intermediate Burmese - 16 lessons that continue from the beginning course.  Includes audio.


Interesting Reading Practice

Burmese Bible - The entire Bible available in Burmese.

Mizzima News - Online news.

Myanmar Times - Online news.

Voice of America - Interesting reading practice from Voice of America.

Things To Listen To

BBC Audio - Several programs, many updated daily.  A great resource to practice Burmese.  Even if you don't have much time you can always listen to a short program.

China Radio International - Lots of audio is available from China. An interesting resource from a different perspective.

Global Recordings Network - Provides several free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.

Radio Free Asia - News and audio in Burmese.

Radio Japan - Daily news from Japan in Burmese.  An interesting way to practice your Burmese. 

SBS Radio - Offers short audio files covering various subjects.


Other Burmese Resources

Burmese-English Dictionary - Online dictionary.

The Burmese Language - Information from Wikipedia about the Burmese language.