Albanian Links

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Tutorials & Courses

Albanian Grammar - A 17 page Albanian grammar PDF. 

Albanian Language Competencies For Peace Corps Volunteers - 273 page course in PDF format.

Albanian World - Albanian lessons as well as other useful resources.

Defense Language Institute Albanian Basic Course - A very in depth course from the Defense Language Institute.  Below are links to the different parts of the course.

Lessons 1-16
Lessons 17-26
Lessons 37-46
Lessons 47-54
Lessons 55-62
Lessons 63-72
Lessons 73-90
Lessons 91-110
Lessons 111-120
Reader Part 1
Reader Part 3
Grammar Workbook
Albanian Geogoraphy & History
Basic Situations
Exercises In Grammar
Verb Reference Material

Peace Corps Lessons - Basic lessons with audio from the Peace Corps. 


Interesting Reading Practice

Albanian New Testament - The entire New Testament available in Albanian.

Balli i Kombit - Online news.

Ballkan - Online news.

BBC Albanian - Up to date news from the BBC in Albanian.

Deutsche Welle - Up to date news from Deutsch Welle.

Gazeta Tema - Online news. 

Koha Jonë - Online news.

Korrieri - Online news.

MPT Online - Online news from Macedonia in Albanian.

Panorama - Online news. 

Readings In Albanian - Designed to enable students to reach reading proficiency in Albanian.  This 868 page document in PDF format provides readings in various subjects.

Rilindja Demokratike - Online news.

Voice of America - Interesting listening and reading practice from Voice of America.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia in Albanian.  If online news isn't interesting enough for you, you can search for whatever you like on Wikipedia.

Zëri Popullit - Online news.

Things To Listen To

Albanian New Testament - Available in MP3 format.

BBC Audio - Several programs, many updated daily.  A great resource to practice Albanian.  Even if you don't have much time you can always listen to a short program.

China Radio International - Lots of audio is available from China.  An interesting resource from a different perspective.

Global Recordings Network - Provides several free Christian audio recordings.  A great resource.

Radio Evropa e Lire - Online news and audio. 

Radio France International - Offers lots of audio and news.

Radio Sweden International - News and audio in Albanian.

SBS Radio - Offers a few programs in Albanian. 


Other Albanian Resources

Albanian Information - Offers general information about the Albanian language.

Digital Dialects - This website offers basic vocabulary and games to help you practice.

The Albanian Language - Information from Wikipedia about the Albanian language.  Or try reading about the Albanian language in Albanian for even more practice. 

Verbix - The best online verb conjugator I have found.  Just type in a verb and Verbix will completely conjugate it for you.