The Coles County Historical Society Museum at the Historic Depot in Mattoon links to Lincoln through his law practice which often included railroads as clients.  

Charleston Riot Historic Marker

Courthouse Square

The Civil War spread to Charleston when a face-to-face encounter took place between southern sympathizers called “copperheads”, Union soldiers and citizens who favored the Lincoln Administration. An artistic mural of the rendition can be seen one block west of the Historic Marker at the corner of 6th street and Jackson Avenue.

The Civil War Memorial Ellipse

Shelby Ave & North First Division Street, Mattoon

The Mattoon Civil War Memorial Ellipse, located in Mattoon’s Roundhouse Recreational Complex near the intersection Shelby Avenue and North First Division Street.   Sited within the boundaries of historic Mattoon’s historic Camp Grant, the Ellipse Memorial is a landscape architecture resource honoring Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant, the Civil War-era Illinois infantry regiments raised at Camp Grant and all regional Civil War veterans.  The Ellipse Memorial is easily accessible from the Roundhouse bike path and recreational trail.  Parking is located at the adjacent Skate Park and Mattoon Pride Softball practice building.  The memorial currently possesses an Illinois State Historical Society interpretative marker, as well as granite makers recognizing General Grant and the Camp Grant-affiliated Illinois infantry regiments.  Once funding is acquired, the focal point of the Ellipse, the Last Sentry Monument, will be erected and the memorial will be complete. For more information see the Facebook page.